Project: “They walked the Earth”

During the first term of the year, 4B students worked on a project about creatures that walked the Earth long ago, using different types of resources. Part of this Project was displayed at the library.

Samuel David Quirama Triana wrote a description about the steps they followed to complete this interesting project:

Here in fourth grade, we did special and fun activities for our reading class. I will explain some of them:

First, we read stories from our reading book. Some of them were “Wild and wooly mammoths”, “The t-Rex” and “Strange Creatures That Really Lived”.

When we finished the wooly mammoth reading, we wrote a paragraph about how we can design our own mammoth trap.

After reading the three selections, we made some projects in dough, about the mammoths, T- Rex and some extinct animals.Then, we created information cards in our notebooks about the extinct animals seen in the book. We also drew them.

Our next task was to do an information chart in class, like the ones we had done before, but in a big cardboard. These charts were about our favorite dinosaur.

To complete this chart, we had to do some research; so we learned how to do a good research about a specialized topic. While we did our charts, we also practiced drawing, because we had to draw our own dinosaurs.

Once the charts were ready, we had to prepare an oral presentation about our favorite dinosaur.


What did we learn?



Samuel David QuiramaTriana – 4B


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